2017 Festival Lineup

A listing of the films that will be shown


"Short Shorts" - Saturday April 1, 3:30pm Stoney Creek Hotel

“Stripes,” by Tibo Pinsard, France

“The Joypad,” by Baturalp Bekar, Turkey

“Parental Advisory Warning,” by Janet Hilliard, Canada

“Coyote Story,” by Daniel Seman, USA

“Elixir,” by Justin Staggs, USA

“All the President’s Heads,” by Adam Roffman, Virginia, USA

“Invoke,” by Carlos Omar de León, Minnesota, USA

“Beyond the Terminator,” by Catalin Koosch, Romania

“1950 DA,” by Sebastien Tulard, France


“Phobia,” by Chris Barron, USA

“What Happens in the Woods,” by Adam Orton, Iowa, USA

“The Promise of Agriculture,” by Robert Frye, Nebraska, USA

“Shoebox Memories,” by Marissa Ricalde, Guam

“Might,” by Emil Sallinen, Finland

“The Accident,” by Nikhil Agnihotri, USA

“LadyBlue,” by Saham Hosseini, Illinois, USA

“The Other Side of Morning,” by Kaan Akalin, Canada

“Gemma,” by Cristopher Stauffer, New York, USA

“Courage,” by Oliver Theurich, Germany


"Selected Documentaries" - Saturday April 1, 4pm, Stoney Creek Hotel

Some of our favorite SHORT documentary films (30 minutes or less) from Documentary Night will be presented.


"Horror/Science Fiction" - Saturday April 1, 7pm, Stoney Creek Hotel

“2 A.M.,” by Huseyin Hassan, Australia

“Strange Harvest,” by Stee McMorris, Massachusetts, USA

“The Light Thief,” by Eva Daoud, Bahrain/Spain

“The Parking,” by Emmanuel Ollivier, France

“Iteration 1,” by Jesse Lupini, Canada

“Phobia,” by Chris Barron, USA

“Appellation,” by Tracy Mathewson, United Kingdom

"The Creeps," by Mollie Fitzgerald, California, USA


“Native,” by Travis Champagne and Stephen Kinigopoulos, Texas, USA

“Invoke,” by Carlos Omar de León, Minnesota, USA

“Real Artists,” by Cameo Wood, California, USA

“The Goblin Forest,” by Nicholas Costa, Oregon, USA

“Mirrored,” by Bradford Hill, USA

“Monsters,” by Steve Desmond,” USA


"Best of the Midwest" - Sunday April 2, 1pm, Stoney Creek Hotel

“The Orange Story,” by Erika Street, Illinois, USA

“Illegal Aliens,” by Justin and Kristin Schaack, Minnesota, USA

“Ten Thousand Camels,” by Kent Flaagan, Missouri, USA

“Dreams of Ice,” by Jack Davis, Minnesota, USA

“The Man Crush,” by Richard Louprasong, Minnesota, USA


“G. I. Hospital,” by Jonny Lewis, USA

“Talk Radio,” by Jay Kanzlar, Missouri, USA

“Killer Date,” by Carlos Omar de León, Minnesota, USA

“Cost of Living,” by Jack Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg, Iowa, USA

“Ten More,” by Brad Riddell, Illinois, USA

“Tom the Knife Salesman,” by Ryan Brown, Iowa, USA


"Selected Short Shorts" - Sunday April 2, 4:30pm, Stoney Creek Hotel

Enjoy some of the favorite shorts we presented on Saturday. 


"Festival Showcase"- Sunday April 2, 7pm, Stoney Creek Hotel

“Stripes,” by Tibo Pinsard, France

“TYSON!” by Rebecca Ocampo, Rwanda

“Memory Hospital,” by Pedro Paulo DeAndrade, Spain

“The Ravens,” by Jennifer Perrott, Australia

“Courage,” by Oliver Theurich, Germany

“Gorilla,” by Tibo Pinsard, France


“Celebrity Sex Tape,” by Keith Black, New York, USA

“Not Quite White,” by Cory Censoprano, New York, USA

“Misgivings,” by Adrian Mead, United Kingdom

“Phobia,” by Chris Barron, USA

“Icarus,” by Tom Teller, California, USA

“Exposure,” by Seamus Ryan, Australia