Movies Selected for the 2018 Sioux City International Film Festival

50 Films from the USA, Australia, France, Greece, India, Iran, Kosovo, Germany, Macedonia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom

PLUS - Ron Clements (Co-Director and Co-Writer of Moana) will discuss his 45 Years at Disney, and present a special showing of Disney's Moana

At The Stoney Creek Hotel:


Wednesday, 7PM  Salon A

Thursday, 12 Noon  Salon A

Children of the Dust, Dan Sadgrove, New Zealand

Father, Imogen Kate Hopper, Australia

The Happiness Machine, Rebecca Blumhagen, USA, New York, NY

Jeruselem Voices, Marc Kornblatt, USA, Madison, WI

Little Fiel, Irina Patkanian, Mozambique, USA

Marieke, Thomas C. Johnson, USA, Wisconsin

Portrait: A Ballet Film in Four Movements, Jack Meggers, USA, Des Moines, IA

Tailing Pond, Saurav Vishnu, India

The Secret to Longevity, Nikolia Apostolou, Greece

This is Our Land, Ryan Bort and David Poyzer, USA, Des Moines, IA

Infection, Sean McGarry, Sioux City

Hidden Treasures Among Us, Sue Headley, Sioux City

The Captain and Me, Justise Brundage, Wayne

SCCM Documentary, Brendan Smyth, Wayne

Outlaw Trail: An Old West Music Video Documentary, Tom Schoening, Sioux City

Sandhills Cowboy, Brigitte Timmerman, Omaha

Local and Regional

Wednesday, 1:30
Salon C

Encore: Wednesday, 7:30
Salon C


Thursday, 6PM  Salon A

Friday, 12 Noon  Salon A

Out of Competition Special Feature-Length Movie: Snapshots

Best of Luck, Natalie London, USA

Evoke, Asia LeMasters, USA

Haircut, Jason Phillips, USA

Heather Has Four Moms, Jeanette Buck and Rani Crowe, USA

Summer, Pearl Gluck, USA

Uniform, Ellie Foumbi & Michael Niederman, USA, New York, NY

Work, Sam Griffin, USA, Los Angeles, CA


Friday, 7PM  Salon A

Baggage, Andi Behring, USA, Los Angeles, CA

Busker Kid, Kevin Durr and Kristy Walsh, USA, Philadelphia, PA

Fifteen, Kara Hakanson, USA, St. Paul, MN

Old-Men, Jordan Inconstant, France

Rag Dolls, Justin and Kristin Schaack, USA, Richfield, MN

Sac de Merde, Greg Chwerchak, USA, New York, NY

At The Orpheum Theater:


Saturday, 1pm


Animation Shorts

Immediately Following a Disney Homecoming






Disney's MOANA part of A Disney Homecoming with Ron Clement

with introduction and Q&A with Ron Clements, the Co-Director and Co-Writer of Moana


Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge, Aaron Johnson, USA. Milwaukee, WI

Icons, Ronnie Cramer, USA

Negative Spaces, Michaela Wadzinski, USA, Lincoln, NE

Panic Attack, Eileen O'Meara, USA

The Pattern, Azad Jannati, Iran

Sonder, Neth Nom, USA, San Francisco, CA

NOTE: Some of these animated films might contain themes and stories not suitable for younger children

A Night in Gotham with Director John Behring

Director John Behring breaks down an episode of TV's Gotham live on stage beginning at 7pm.  Horror/Sci-Fi shorts immediately following his presentation.

Candlelight Witch, Becca, USA, Studio City, CA

Chateau Sauvignon, David E. Munz-Marie, USA, Brooklyn, NY

FlyTrap, Connor Bland, USA, Los Angeles, CA

Goodnight Gracie, Stellen Kendrick, USA, Los Angeles, CA

In Her Image, Nikoloz Kevkhishvili, USA, Atlanta, GA

Last Tree Standing, Agnes Peck-McGregor, Australia

Mi-Fi, David Mair, USA, Vadnais Heights, MN

Mr. Pointy, USA, Sioux Falls, SD

Operation Safehouse, Alex Sitnik, UK

Painted Skin, Leiqi Lin, USA

Quiet Room, Sam Wineman, USA, Los Angeles, CA

Witches of Wonder, John Gigrich, USA

Horror / Sci-Fi

Saturday, 7pm


A Month, Zgjim Terziqi, Kosovo

Je Suis, Faith Strongheart, USA, Los Angeles, CA

LA Fadeaway, Meg Sutton, USA, Los Angeles, CA

Meer Bel Nacht (The Sea at Night), Kim Fabienne Hertinger, Germany

The Scary Ham, Sue Mroz, USA, Chicago, IL

Spinosaurus, Tessa Hoffe, UK (Scotland, director from New Zealand)

What Remains of You, Kevin Dresse, France


Sunday, 3pm