The festival

Since 2005, the Sioux City International Film Festival showcases a variety of independent short films from the around world every February in Sioux City, Iowa. Each day of the Festival a different genre of film is featured, and at the end of each presentation the viewers can vote for the best film. Genre winners are awarded a cash prize and the prestigious Siouxsie Award.

Cash prizes and trophies will be given to the juried selections and to the audience favorites in each category. An additional Best of Festival Award will be given on the final day.

The Siouxland Institute of film


Bringing the World's Movies to Sioux City

The Siouxland Institute of Film, Inc. and its creators have been working for 14 years to promote independent film in Siouxland, a tri-state area including parts of Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The area has over 130,000 people, and thousands more living nearby -- a large audience in dire need of a good film. That's why we created this Film Festival. For the 14th year in a row, we will be bringing the Siouxland community together for five evenings of entertainment, supplied by “local” independent movie-makers and those from around the world. The festival includes only short movies, with a 30 minute length limit so that we may show more films. As in previous years, the final day will be held at the historic Orpheum Theater, a 2,400 seat renovated performance hall, with screenings earlier in the week at our host hotel, the Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center.

Our goal is to promote the art of film, encourage and support young filmmakers, bring interesting films to the Orpheum, and have fun!

This festival was created and is organised by volunteers who love movies and want to bring fresh entertainment and ideas to our community:

Tim Bottaro, Ada Buenrostro, Tyler DeLashmut, Greg Giles, Adam Gonshorowski, Barb Gross, Jason Lees, Rick Mullin, Mandie Murphy, Jake Natwick, John Tinsley and Matt Townley

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